HMAS Nirimba Hockey Team 1973
HMAS Nirimba Inter Service Hockey Team 1973


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To those casual visitors who have found their way here, welcome also!  This site is intended mainly for the use of (ex-) Royal Australian Navy personnel who commenced their training as apprentices at the Royal Australian Navy Apprentice Training Establishment (R.A.N.A.T.E.), HMAS Nirimba in January 1971, the so called thirtieth intake (hence the name of the site) and their colleagues. You are most welcome to browse where you can and if you would like to learn more about us, this link explains where HMAS Nirimba came from and what has become of her and there are links to other historical information and Mobi sites in the External links menu to the upper right.  The rest of this site, however,  is available to registered members only.


30th intake group shot  Jan/Feb 1971
Here's a few of us!

It's been awhile since this site has been up and running and for that we apologise... there were reasons, all of which are cured and we now have a completely modernised and highly secure site on a new host which should serve our needs very well and remain stable.  Please view the "About security on this site..." link here for a little more detail on that subject including why your browser may still present warnings loading this homepage.

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...but this site is OURS ONLY and very private. Our history and culture is important and every means of collecting and preserving that history is a worthwhile pursuit.  All stories, photos etc. are most welcome. See "Getting Started" and subsequent help topics to see how you can get membership, log in, enjoy others' contributions and contribute yourself.

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